QEST4 Energetic assessment

QEST4, previously Asyra, bioenergetic technology provides a totally non-invasive way to get information about your physiology, psychology and the interactions between them.

SCENAR Pain Relief

Originally developed as part of an advanced medical toolkit for space missions, SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is now available as an unusually effective tool for accelerated healing of localised pain and injury.


Providing your body with the optimal intakes of nutrients contributes enormously to optimising health and vitality. It is often said that "you are what you eat". Its a bit more accurate to say "you are what you absorb" so our consultants focus on getting both working together.

Holistic Coaching

Gaining awareness of how your whole-life patterns are affecting your physical and emotional health picture is the first step to crafting solutions. Our consultants work with you to build habits for change that work for you as part of a short or long-term support relationship.

Welcome to Worcester House

Whatever your health challenge, the depth of experience brought by each one of our practitioner team, combining the power of non-invasive bio-energetic technologies with the deep insight gained from training in multiple health disciplines, makes the practitioners at Worcester House your perfect partners in the journey back to optimal health.


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Holistic Coaching, Scenar, Homeopathy, Qest4 Asessment

Donna Draper

I originally qualified with a BSc Honours degree in Health Sciences and Homeopathy from Westminster University, but I have continued to learn various other valuable complementary skills to add my portfolio. I am a fully qualified Asyra/Qest4 Bio-Energetic Health Screening practitioner and SCENAR therapist... more


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Qest4 Asessment, Kinesiology, Natural Nutrition, Iridology

Jane Piper

Jane has been a kinesiology and nutrition practitioner for 17 years. Using energetic testing in the form of Asyra bioresonance and kinesiology muscle testing, as well as iridology and a detailed case history, she helps clients understand their current health needs and take positive steps towards... more


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Qest4 Asessment, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy

Hazel Drummond

Hazel trains practitioners in the use of the Qest4/Asyra systems, as well as practicing from Worcester House and in London. Hazel has a very good track record helping people of all ages. She also has a great deal of experience in supporting people that are dealing with cancer... more


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Worcester House offers rooms for rental, or for closer partnerships with practitioners and course leaders in associated fields of health, wellness and personal development. We occupy a beautiful and spacious 18th century building in the heart of Petersfield

Energy Medicine Technology

Medicine theory is based on the time-tested principals of ancient Chinese medicine and bioenergetic technology is the coming together of advanced scientific and technological understanding, and ancient Chinese medicine practices. A bioenergetic screening device is a form of this technology (also referred to as EAV or EDS) and has been around for over 50 years.

NutriVital Product Range

We opened the doors of our Hampshire natural health centre in 1995. Ever since then, we have specialised in combining the time-tested principles of nutrition and lifestyle medicine with the latest bio-energetic technology, to help you restore outstanding good health, naturally.

News and Articles

02 Dec 2018

Homeopaths and Bio-Energetic Medicine

“Supporting a traditional homeopathic approach with the latest technology and advances in energetic assessment means that now more than ever we can truly tailor treatment plans to the needs of the individual”
Digital homeopathy is all about the frequency, as opposed to being about the molecule that emits the frequency. The latest bio-energetic screening technology that the expert practitioners at Worcester House Centre have at their hands allows them to tailor digital homeopathic remedies to the specific requirements of a client.

16 Mar 2011

Protect Your Rights To Herbal Medicine from the EU

EU Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicine will not only drive prices up, but restrict consumer choice – not just of herbs, but of health treatment. If you think that the proliferation of – and dependency on – pharmaceuticals is a bad thing, then support this cause. The move is not in the interests of public health. We provide you with the facts so that you can be aware and support your basic rights from legislation from an unelected body.