Centre for change: health & wellness services

The centre has been home to health and wellness activities since 2000, initially as Biotech Health & Nutrition, and until 2018 as NutriVital Health. The practice approach developed during that period continues to evolve here, and you will find more details of this in the profiles of Jane Piper and Hazel Drummond below.

In the last few years the range of psychotherapy and counselling practices for adults and children has been increasing. During the Covid period much work shifted to online but we are now seeing a gradual return to a busier space once again as many people choose to return to face-to-face consultations.

The range of wellness and personal development activities here is represented under the banner: Worcester House – Centre for Change.

Therapists and Practitioners at Worcester House

Meet some of the people offering health, wellness, personal development and therapy work at Worcester House.

Tania Galvani

Nutritional Therapy – Asyra practitioner – Kinesiology – Scenar Therapy – Spiritual Healing I enjoy helping my clients to improve their health and well-being by

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Fauzia Knight

Fauzia Knight (PhD)

Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Energy worker (Usui Reiki Master, distance healing and Angelic Reiki Master Teacher), Meditation Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist. Fauzia offers one to one

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Distribution and training point for NutriVital Products, Scenar Pain Relief and Qest4 (Asyra) Energetic Testing