Jane Piper

Nutritionist, Kinesiology and Qest4 Practitioner.

I have been a health professional for more than 20 years. My approach has evolved over this time to include wisdom from both Western and Eastern healing traditions. I work with clients of all ages (babies, children, teenagers and adults), and all health conditions whether physical or emotional, from childhood eczema through to life-affecting auto-immune conditions.

Appointments can be online or in-person. A consultation starts with a detailed discussion of your symptoms and health history right from birth through to the present day. The more I get to know about you, how you are in health, what health issues you have had in the past, and how these were treated, the better we can work together to create a health program tailored to you. I believe it is so important to treat the whole person rather than try to treat the disease.

We will explore family health history, at least 2 generations back. I want to know about individual predispositions. It is not genes that create our disease, but rather the activation of certain genetic information by life experiences and lifestyle. Knowing family patterns and then looking at what lifestyle and habits may be contributing to create health problems, lets us identify changes to make to set the body on a healing pathway.

I believe that the body has an innate wisdom that knows what is needed to restore balance and achieve our potential. Many people ask if a particular food could be making them ill. Without doubt, our diet can have a major impact on our health. Many people get great results in response to simple dietary changes but it is rarely the whole story. The foods we eat can be involved in many problems beyond digestive issues, such as headaches, inflammation, hormone imbalance, pain and auto-immune conditions. Identifying adverse food reactions is often the starting point of an effective health plan, but it’s so important to look at why we may be having these reactions. So, a health consultation looks for underlying issues such as a weakened digestion, poor absorption, hormone imbalance, immune response, emotional stress, toxicity, structural issues, pathogens, or inherited patterns.

I use QEST4 bio-energetic testing and Kinesiology (muscle testing and energy balancing) and Iridology to help prioritise what a person needs to restore health. A treatment plan will often include dietary changes, supplements, emotional re-patterning, meridian balancing, and body work where appropriate.

I am always happy to talk to someone about my approach before making an appointment. Working with a practitioner who you can relate to will give you the best outcome. So, I invite all prospective clients to book a free introductory call or meeting before committing to an appointment.

To make an appointment or to find out about workshops/training, call 01730 233414.