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Conscious Parenting Support & Guidance.

Conscious Parenting Support & Guidance

Over the last 2 years, I’ve seen a rise in parental anxiety, stress and worry, and to meet this need I’ve opened a new, dedicated Parenting Support Clinic.

If you feel uncertain or confused over ‘how to parent’ while also juggling school pressures, screen time battles or bedtime mayhem, you’re not alone. At times, looking for guidance on how to be a good parent can feel like walking through a forest blindfolded. You can read all the books, listen to the podcasts yet still feel you’re getting it all wrong.

The Parenting Support Clinic equips you with tools to support and guide your child, whilst becoming a better parent in the process. I use a methodology called ‘Conscious Parenting’ to shift the focus away from your child onto your own experiences as a parent. This involves creating a safe space where you can look inwards, reflect on your current parenting style, and come to understand your triggers.

I like to call these ‘trigger treasures’, as our minds use these to help us make sense of the world. By exploring parenting through a process of gaining awareness, making connections, and practising mindfulness, we’re able to shine a light onto some of the more challenging aspects of parenting. Together, we explore any ‘family baggage’ and personal conditioning which may be influencing your internal checklists of how you think parenting ‘should’ be done, and release those that don’t serve you or your family.

For example, when your child doesn’t respond to you, your more extreme response may be to shout, even though this response doesn’t align with the deep love and care you feel for your child, or your desire for them to grow into independent, resilient individuals. Through Conscious Parenting, we identify opportunities to respond differently in such scenarios by focusing on our own language, expectations, and self-regulation.

At the Parenting Support Clinic, I help you look at parenting through a new lens, where you can learn to breathe, reflect, set boundaries, find acceptance, define and become the role model you want to be for your child.

Children are a precious gift. I will help you find new ways to support your family, while being true to yourself, that will transform your experience of parenthood. My role as a Conscious Parenting Guide is to support you to develop a unique vision for your family’s future, with space for more harmony, more respect, and more joy.

Parenting is tough. It doesn’t come with a manual. I am committed, through years of self-exploration, training, and practice, to co-creating successful outcomes for both parents and children alike.
My sessions are held in a respectful, safe and confidential space at Worcester House in the heart of Petersfield. My role is to guide you along the Conscious Parenting pathway, offering techniques and strategies that will support you and your child and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Booking sessions:

  • I offer a free, 15-minute phone consultation.
  • I recommend a minimum of 6 x 75-minute sessions.
  • Sessions are held at the same time, either weekly or bi-weekly (by arrangement).
  • The cost per session is £100, paid in advance.
  • Each session will be followed up by an email from me with reflections, insights and recommendations. There may be homework for you to complete in between sessions.