Tania Galvani

Nutritional Therapy, Asyra practitioner, Kinesiology, Scenar Therapy, Spiritual Healing.

Nutritional Therapy – Asyra practitioner – Kinesiology – Scenar Therapy – Spiritual Healing

I enjoy helping my clients to improve their health and well-being by working with them to identify any causes of unwellness. I believe that our mind, our body and our spirit are all interconnected and when I work with a client I like to address all of these areas. I believe that all these centres within our body are extremely important and that they need to be aligned and integrated in order for us to experience our best health.

Science has shown us that dis-ease starts in the energy field before manifesting into the physical body.  I believe that our thoughts, emotions, actions and  beliefs are directly related to our internal and external state of health.   With this in mind it’s incredibly important to address the health of our mental, emotional and spiritual centres as well as nourishing our body with the right foods. My approach to helping my clients to achieve a high level of overall health focuses on all of these aspects of their being.

Asyra (Qest4)

I had always believed that natural health was the way forward and this was shown to be true when someone close to my heart was developing in a non-typical way.  This lovely child, at age 4 had difficulty stringing a short sentence together, was hyperactive, obsessed with things that span and would isolate her-self from other children.  After 18 months of  regularly using the Asyra, following a strict nutritional and lifestyle protocol to heal the body and taking homeopathic remedies, this child had a complete turn around and was taken off the paediatricians patient list.  Almost a decade later she is still a happy, chatty child who has lots of friends and a great sense of humour!  This was my first experience with the Asyra and I feel privileged to now be working with such an amazing device. I use the information from the Asyra together with a detailed case-history and my clinical experience to help my clients improve their health. Healing the body can often take time, and when working with the Asyra we are working with layers, always addressing the body’s priority.


I trained in Touch For Health Kinesiology at Worcester House and I have also trained in nutritional Kinesiology, deep level chakra healing, primitive reflexes and spectrum healing. Kinesioogy (muscle testing) is a gentle, painless and effective way of communicating with the inner wisdom of the client in order to find out what s/he needs in order to feel better. There are many different modalities of Kinesiology, and each practitioner works in a unique way.  I work quite intuitively, and my toolbox includes things like: balancing the meridians, working with the chakras, spiritual healing, using mind-body techniques to balance the subtle energies of the body and using test-vials to identify foods that may be causing stress to the body and nutrients that the body would benefit from consuming. As of recently I also include spectrum healing in my toolbox, which involves using Kinesiology to identify the underlying issue and going to the quantum field of pure consciousness to ask for the energies associated with the issue to be diffused.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is something that I very much enjoy doing. It involves  attuning and then working as a channel for healing energy to pass from source, through my hands and to the client. Receiving regular healing can help to improve health and vitality in so many ways and on such a profound level. It’s a pleasant experience and clients who receive healing often say that they feel things like heat on their body, deep relaxation, tingling sensations, and often clients will see colours while receiving healing or get insights into things that they were unsure about in their life. I trained at Harry Edwards College of Spiritual Healing. I have since become an associate of the Spiritual Energy Association where I’m pleased  to be having the opportunity to teach people how to heal.

 Scenar Therapy

I trained in Scenar therapy about 6 years ago and I’ve found it to be very effective at alleviating pain.  Scenar therapy uses electrical impulses with biofeedback to alleviate pain from injuries, aches and stiffness in the body.  It was developed to ‘kick-start’ the body’s own natural healing process by telling the brain that it needs to produce more of the body’s natural medicinal compounds to neutralise the pain and heal the problem. As a result of using electro-stimulation on the skin, the nervous system sends a dose of neuropeptides (some of the most powerful pain relief agents which the body produces) to the area which is experiencing pain. The Scenar device is used locally to the area of pain and response reveiced via the skin results in adjustment of the next impulse.  In a short period of time, the body supplies sufficient natural chemicals to give powerful pain relief.