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Nutritionist, Psychotherapist, Homeopath, Qest4 Assessment Practitioner and Training Consultant, Nutritional Remedy Consultant.

Hazel trains practitioners in the use of the Qest4 and Asyra systems, as well as practicing from Worcester House in Petersfield and in London. Hazel gets excellent results treating any and all health issues in persons of all ages. She also has a great deal of experience in supporting people that are dealing with cancer – whichever route they decide to take.

I am passionate about restoring balance to my clients so that they can enjoy better health. I treat the whole person to bring about the change necessary to resolve the underlying causes of health problems.

My enthusiasm for nutritional therapy began at the age of 19, when I had a profound personal experience of the power it can have. I was scheduled for a number of operations, so I visited a spiritual nutritionist. In the consultation, he recommended a dietary plan which promoted whole, unprocessed foods, chicken and fish. I stuck to the plan religiously and, to the disbelief of the consultants at the hospital, made a complete recovery within a month. Thankfully, this saved me from surgery and started me on my journey of learning.

I then moved to Paris, where I spent 8 years studying psychology, psychoanalytics and graphology. I travelled a great deal in this time, as a Bluebell Girl and a model for Dior, before returning to London in my 30’s, where I studied for British diplomas in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and hypnotherapy. I continued to develop my skills with training in life coaching, EFT and a number of other approaches and techniques. A little later, I completed my diplomas in nutritional therapy and homeopathy.

In the late 1980’s I moved to Petersfield with my first daughter, where I met Anne Smithells, the founder of NutriVital Health. I began practicing at her Haslemere clinic, and came to the Petersfield centre in 2005, when I began using the Asyra in my consultations. I later started the NutriVital practice in London.

I firmly believe that we are designed to be fit, healthy and full of energy into and beyond our 90s; and my mission is to raise people’s expectations of their health and happiness.

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Name: Hazel Drummond
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